2.Tableau provides strategy and communication concepts, consultancy, production, creative direction, artwork and words by artists and academics. We collaborate with clients in the fashion realm to create innovative visual expressions and precise language to show how and why fashion is a central part of our culture. Our services include creative direction, branding, visual identity, language, art direction and editing of magazines, fashion editorials and advertisement, retail displays, fashion shows and showcases.

Tableau started as Tableau Paper in 2013, an alternative magazine for fashion and visual culture. With the seventh issue in 2016 the format changed from free newspaper-style, to glossy magazine for sale. In addition to future project-based editions of Tableau Paper, Tableau’s activities include the discussion series Tableau Talks, performances, exhibitions, our own products and the online store Tableau Shop. Through working on Tableau, we have gathered a unique group of artists and academics that collaborate with us. In 2015, we decided to offer our group’s competencies to commercial clients through 2.Tableau.

Clients include:
Admir Batlak
Michael Olestad
Norwegian Fashion Hub
Oslo Runway

Tableau Paper
Jens Bjelkesgate 43a
0578 Oslo
Organisation number 9124 79641

All artwork and photography are copyrighted and protected under international copyright laws. Artwork may not be reproduced in any form without permission from Tableau Paper AS and the copyright holders.